Typography / Topography is a project that focuses on the landscape and environment in which we are in. By closely observing the built and organic elements that surround us, we can find formal and geometric traits of letterforms that are otherwise overlooked in everyday life. 
The landscape of focus is Florence, Italy, where I am taking a semester abroad. I spent time walking around the streets and documenting any typographic forms that I found visually compelling or reflective of the local landscape. I then took these photos and collaged and manipulated them to reflect my own experience of being here. The result is a compiled booklet of found-type that is bright, colorful, and pushes the boundaries in terms of legibility.
Throughout this process, I was not only able to recognize typographic and design forms in the surrounding landscape, I was also able to take bits and pieces of Florence and make it my own—which made the foreign environment a little bit more familiar. 
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