Thank You For Visiting is a book about home, place, and migration. It ties together texts from Lucy R. Lippard’s "The Lure of the Local", which explores the idea of home as an illusion, and Georges Perec’s "Species of Spaces", which describes the physical spaces that we occupy. 
Through this project, I wanted to capture the feeling of displacement that comes with leaving home and living in foreign environments. I resonated deeply with one quote in “The Lure of the Local”: “Geographer Yi-Fu Tuan says that Americans have a sense of space rather than sense of place”. As I moved to different places, I found myself less attached to a particular place of return, but rather to the things and people surrounding me.
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The format of this book is evocative of a book one brings when traveling—with plane tickets, museum stubs, and receipts inserted in. Sections from “Species of Spaces” are set on these inserted artifacts, while “The Lure of the Local” is set on the bound book. The title “Thank You for Visiting” is a reminder of our fleeting time in each place we travel to or live in, and to be present in our current surroundings. 
This book is entirely crafted by hand (French-folded and perfect bound). Typeset in Space Mono.
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